четверг, 15 декабря 2016 г.

Hoover Karcher with aquafiltering was rather forced to purchase: got dust, and after the usual vacuum cleaner (with HEPA filter) allergy started. At the time of writing this review http://www.sunnyhillsorchard.com/ the unit served for 7 months.

Let's start with the functional. Its main advantage is that almost all the dust precipitated in water and returned to the air. Because on the way by sucking vortex there are no obstacles, power (very impressive, by the way) does not fall as water pollution. I note that even if you do not vacuum, and simply include "idle", the water gradually becomes soiled. Hence the conclusion that he is able even to clean the air. After a week of regular use (every other day) was significantly less dust, and throughout the apartment. Wet cleaning is not fully replace it, but the goal is achieved - the dust defeated.

I bought a vacuum cleaner Bissell SpotLifter 2X on the advice of the sisters, thank her very much.) At home our lives each smaller breed Jack Russell, shorthair. Awful sheds! Every day it is necessary to wash the floor, vacuuming and dusting, as fur everywhere, and breathe this is not very nice, but all the same, especially in the carpet, this is fine wool. Following the acquisition of a vacuum cleaner Karcher, in the house, though, was what to breathe! First, the vacuum cleaner is very powerful, after the harvest is nowhere remains the most hated dog's coat, even on the carpet, at least to my eye it was not much, compared with the old vacuum cleaner. Secondly, the vacuum cleaner works as an air purifier has, due to its aquafiltering, ie air that passes through it, is cleaner than indoors. For people like me, with non-fast animals, for families with young children, pregnant women and allergies, a vacuum cleaner simply Must Have! In the end, everyone is happy, and the family and the dog!))

Now disadvantages. It is really big and takes up a lot of space. Necessarily need to add anti-foaming agent, and it is worth the money. That bubble that comes, ended a month later with a little. The vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter 2, which also needs to be changed once a year, and it is 2-3 thousand. Rub.

After the first time, the impression was as if I had moved from Lada to Mercedes with automatic gearbox. All movements are smooth and easy to ride, even on wheels schёtke were both oiled.

The very plastic, very pleasant in the hand. Power is very good, there are quite a comfortable adjustment on the handle. It is much quieter than my old vacuum cleaner can be quite even carry on a conversation and not shout. First, after cleaning necessarily mopping the floors, as a light layer of dust still remained on the floor, it seemed to me, after cleaning Bissell SpotLifter 2X, it turned out that it did not seem, on the floor you can eat! Sucks all cleaned!

 The most important thing is no smell of burnt dust that always irritated me, the air is clean, easy to breathe. For me to exclude all small irritants that haunted my every previous vacuum cleaning. The former went bad, always fought for schools and angles, power drain valve cap all the time opened and wildly infuriated me brush revolved not go where I wanted.

In my opinion, merits more and they are more significant, so that the purchase has never regretted.